Covid-19 (Contavirus)

The role out of the vaccines are giving us all hope that we might finally see the end of the Covid pandemic but we continue to maintain the very highest standards far exceeding the expectations you may find elsewhere.


  • Wear face masks
  • Wear face shields
  • Clean all surfaces between clients 
  • Change our aprons between clients
  • Sanitise our hands between clients


  • come alone to your appointment (unless accompanying a child)
  • be on time but not to early
  • wear your mask
  • wash \ sanitise your hands on arrival
  • wait to be seated by your stylist
  • Your stylist will check your temperature and ask you a few covid questions before you are seated.

Ventilation Is Key

4 years ago we decided during the construction of the Studio that ventilation would be a key aspect of maintaining the highest quality environment for our customers so in addition to a window for each station we installed 24 inch extraction fans behind the mirrors allowing for a continuous flow and exchange of fresh air. We had no idea that our industry leading standards would become so important today.

So much support

The team have worked so hard even before the first restrictions came in and the support of our customers has gone such a long way to get us all through these terrible times.

We have to thank you all so much.

We continue to use the very best practices and we have raised the bar by implementing hands free technologies where ever possible, not only for our clients but also for our staff.


Stamford Hair Studio

5A Cheyne Lane, Stamford, Lincs, PE9 2AX

Tel: 01780-757297

Opening Hours

Sunday/Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 9am – 5pm

Wednesday: 9am – 5am

Thursday: 9am – 9pm

Friday: 9am – 5pm

Saturday: 9am – 4pm


North Street – PE9 1EG    (110 spaces)

Wharf Rd – PE9 2QY         (244 spaces)

Bath Row – PE9 2QY         (270 spaces)

Cattle Market – PE9 2WB (310 spaces)

Scotgate – PE9 2YE           (70 spaces)